• The NBN Co has launched into the enterprise market.
  • There are now more than 450,000 businesses connected to services over the NBN network.
  • They aim to connect 900,000 enterprise and government customers by FY22.

The NBN Co has just announced that they will be launching a new wholesale enterprise product that operates "at symmetrical speeds (of up to 1Gbps) with premium customer service experience over the nbn™ broadband access network."

According to ther press release, Enterprise Ethernet connections are designed to be built on request, and include a point-to-point fibre connection. It will be packaged with a premium service-level agreement between NBN Co and retail providers to offer faster resolution of faults and to encourage retailers to offer an increased service experience for mission-critical applications.

The press release goes on to mention how the NBN Co have worked with a number of service providers in the past year while consultin on and testing the design so as to ensure that the product will be compelling for retailers to sell to the Australian punters.  

'We are pleased to announce the launch of nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet, which equips us to better service all ends of the market along with our existing wholesale business-grade product suite" said Paul Tyler, NBN Co's Chief Customer Officer for Business. 

"This wholesale product has been developed with the specific needs of global enterprise and government organisations in mind. It is capable of delivering the service required by businesses that use data-intensive applications such enterprise network systems and cloud-based solutions.

"(The) nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet is designed to meet an international standard capability set by the Metro Ethernet Forum, which means the new product can also benefit geographically dispersed sites through a seamless integration of networks between offices across the world.

"We understand that businesses require a tailored service for their unique needs and today’s announcement is further evidence of our ongoing investment to improve customer experience and develop custom products that meet the needs of all Australian businesses.

"To ensure businesses understand what products are available to them, we have launched a new public awareness campaign to educate the market on the full capabilities of the nbn™ access network so they are better informed to choose a suitable retail plan based on their unique requirements.

"We will continue our efforts to evolve our product and service suite for businesses to ensure we are offering a compelling and valuable proposition to market.  This includes the development of a new business-grade satellite service targeted towards farmers and industries with rural operations in the oil, mining and gas sector, as well as new wholesale discounts, which bundle higher speeds and enhanced service assurance at a single charge. Our team will share further details on these in the coming months."

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