• What is the Focus on Fast campaign?
  • Who is eligible for rebates?
  • Which NBN plans offer discounts?

As NBN Co gets closer to the completion of its nationwide rollout in Australia, the company launches a new campaign that will see pricing rebates and additional data inclusions for customers. Known as the Focus on Fast campaign, this program is expected to reduce the costs of internet connection for subscribers. How will this be possible and will it be truly beneficial to consumers?

What is the Focus on Fast campaign?

The Focus on Fast campaign is a new program launched by NBN Co that gives incentives to retailers of its internet technology, allowing them to offer high-speed broadband plans to customers. The main objective of the new campaign is to replicate the success of its ‘Focus on 50’ project that was introduced towards the end of 2017.

The ‘Focus on 50’ campaign was launched at a time when less than 20 percent of Australian households had internet plans in the 50/20 Mbps speed tier or higher. Three years later, over 70 percent of NBN’s residential customers enjoy faster internet speeds.

At present, NBN Co says 72 percent of its fixed-line network is capable of providing 100 Mbps of download speeds to customers. This could peak at the 500 Mbps to 1 Gbps range for 75 percent of its customers by the year 2023.

What can customers expect from it?

The entire structure of the Focus on Fast campaign can be a little bit complex, so we are summing it up for you. Basically, NBN is working to offer its high-speed broadband plans at cheaper rates and it is going to begin this December.

If you are not yet connected to an NBN plan, this is definitely worth checking out. Whether you are looking for a residential plan or a business plan for your business, there will be a speed tier and price segment that works for you. However, we still recommend learning about all your options by checking out this list of the fastest internet plans in the country.

For existing NBN customers, though, Focus on Fast might be something you’d want to take advantage of right away. You can enjoy monthly discounts starting as well. You also have the chance to score rebates for the next months starting December 2020.

Subscribers who are currently signed or are eyeing the Ultrafast speed tier, NBN’s one gigabit per second plan, can avail of the plan for a low price compared to its previous price. 

Who is eligible for rebates?

All customers subscribed to NBN’s wireless plans are eligible for discounts from the Focus on Fast campaign. However, it is worth noting that the broadband company is a wholesale distributor, meaning any rebate would likely benefit your internet service provider directly.

A disclaimer on the company’s official website makes it clear: “NBN Co is a wholesaler and does not control costs charged by service providers. Customers should contact their preferred service provider to ask about their fees and charges.”

If your service provider has corresponding rebates or promos for their broadband plans, there’s a good chance you can also benefit from the discounts on your long-term plan.

Which NBN plans offer discounts?

NBN listed down five wholesale speed tiers on their website that will be part of the new Focus on Fast campaign. It includes Home Fast plans, 100/40 plans, Home Superfast plans, Home Ultrafast plans, and 50/20 Wholesale speed tier, all of which require a subscription to wholesale bundles.

The Home Fast and 100/40 bundles go down are up to 4.25Mbps of speeds. The Home Superfast bundle has 5.25Mbps speeds from its previous 4.75 Mbps, while the Home Ultrafast bundle is at 6.25Mbps from 5.75Mbps. The 50/20 Wholesale speed tier is down to 2.25Mbps (2.5Mbps starting May 2021).

These offers are for customers who wish to avail of a Service Transfer or an upsell of their existing NBN plans. First Time Connect customers are also eligible for the rebates, except for those who are getting the 50/20 bundle.

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