• TPG has now been merged with iiNet
  • A summary of the difference between TPG NBN and iiNet NBN
  • TPG is the second largest internet service provider in Australia

Although TPG has now been merged with iiNet, creating what one could only describe as a telecom mogul in the industry, but did you know that both brands still operate as separate entities? Both TPG and iiNet also still provide unique products and services of their own, giving us Aussies a wider range of choice when it comes to choosing the most suitable broadband plans for ourselves, whether that may be TPG Nbn or iiNet Nbn. Being spoilt for choice does come with a downside, however - many usually fluster and worry as they do not know which NBN plan would suit them best. Fret not, for when it comes to TPG and iiNet, we’ve got you covered. Here is our handy article on the summary of both NBN plans compared.

TPG NBN - Call 1300 106 571 

TPG is the second largest internet service provider in Australia and operates the largest mobile virtual network operator. Cool, huh? The approach that TPG takes towards internet is not too different from its brother iiNet’s approach. TPG offers an affordable NBN M Bundle at a low price of $49.99 a month, which may be ideal for students who do not want to splash out too much on internet bills. This bundle also comes with 100GB of data, which is a fair amount for those who do not stream too much on the internet.


For those who are looking at faster and better options, TPG offers a variety of limitless plans as well, ranging from their NBN SL Bundle ($59.99 - $69.99 per month), NBN FTTN M Business Bundle ($69.99 per month) and their NBN Extra Bundle, also $69.99 a month.



iiNet NBN - Call 1300 106 571 

iiNet on its own is Australia's second-largest internet service provider with more than half a million users all around the continent. The NBN plans that iiNet offers ensure that you get the fastest possible internet connection for yourself and your family in your household.

For those who are looking at something on the more basic side of things, iiNet offers a NBN Fibre Basic 250 plan which includes 250GB of data at $59.99 a month and basic download speeds of 12Mbps. For those who are in a household of multiple internet-addicts, iiNet’s other broadband plans may be more suited to your needs.

The next upgrade after Fibre Basic would be the NBN Fibre Basic Liimitless (with unlimited data at $69.99 a month), followed by NBN Fibre Boost Liimitless and NBN Fixed Wireless Boost Liimitless (both unlimited data at $79.99 - $89.99 a month). The pricier of the plans also come with local and standard national calls on your mobile, which is a great plus point!




Whilst both TPG and iiNet provide fantastic NBN bundles for you to enjoy, it is always advised to really take a close look at all the plans that are offered to ensure that you pick the best plan that suits your needs to a tee. Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to hit us up on with any queries you may have or  Call 1300 106 571