• What are Netflix and Foxtel?
  • Netflix vs. Foxtel: Subscription, Prices, and Features
  • Netflix vs. Foxtel: Contents

Comparing Netflix against Foxtel could be one of the hardest matches in the Subscription Video On-Demand (SVOD) service industry. These two are the leading giants in the streaming niche. The latter, Foxtel, is a senior dominator of the streaming industry with its name renown over the past decades. On the other hand, we have the not so-long fresh cub of streaming services which now stands as a proud lion in the media and streaming market. 

This match-up will be a traditional mode vs. the modern mode of streaming. Given the differences of the two media service providers, this will be a comparison of two different streaming modality. We will be able to know the major differences of Foxtel and Netflix in this guide. These differences of course will help you in choosing which streaming service provider you will opt to choose. What does the senior officer have and will it be able to retain its decade-long superiority? Will the fresh-born tiger get its fangs deep under its senior and edge it out?

Nonetheless, one thing is for sure in this competition: we are the winners. With a competitive competition in the market, we, the clients, will always have something new in store for us. Compare Broadband offers you this guide that will tackle the differences of Foxtel and Netflix blow by blow. 

What is inside?

  • What are Netflix and Foxtel?
  • Netflix vs. Foxtel: Subscription, Prices, and Features
  • Netflix vs. Foxtel: Contents
  • Netflix vs. Foxtel: Which should I choose?

What are Netflix and Foxtel?

The two leaders belong to the Subscription Video On-Demand (SOVD) service industry which offer on demand movie titles and TV shows that are ready to be streamed. Having to say that they are subscription-based streaming service providers, people can only access the premium channels and premium content they offer if they will subscribe to their services. Each of them has different subscription plans which usually varies with the number of devices, length of subscription time, and quality of videos. These types of streaming services heavily rely on reliable internet connection which means that a NBN connection or Broadband plan is a must if you would like to maximize your subscription. 

Let us first have the challenger, Netflix. With over 182 million active subscribers as of writing, the fresh cub of the streaming service industry has surely become a full grown lion that is ready to stand against its co-competitors. The library it holds has an amazing vast array of contents which will be further discussed as we go along in this guide. Netflix also offers flexible subscription plans geared with different features for the better watching-experience of its clients. Just like any other video streaming service providers, the U.S born streaming hub employs a wireless streaming modality via internet access. That is why a reliable NBN connection or broadband plan is needed if you want to have an all-night “Netflix and Chill” marathon. No worries though for the busy goers and travelers! A download option is also available on this streaming site. 

The old proud guard, Foxtel,  has been standing with superiority for decades but its dominance is being challenged by the birth of younger and modernly edged streaming service providers. Foxtel employs the traditional pay TV scheme that is not broadcast through the internet. Depending on your subscription plan, you may gain access to several premium channels. Channels that are offered may include the best sports coverage and live streaming events. A variety of contents are also available in the channels offered by Foxtel. Since the early 2000, Foxtel has been paving the way of how cabled Pay TV networks must operate. The senior has set the standards high for the Television industry. However, new modalities for broadcasting media aside from cable and satellite have been developed. This surely has established a high obstacle in Foxtel’s racing track. 

The main difference of the two primarily lies on how they broadcast their contents, Netflix delivers the media outputs to its customers via the internet while Foxtel sticks with the traditional cable and satellite mode. Nonetheless, the senior Foxtel has already set its offsprings on the internet-driven streaming to fight beside him. We now have the stand alone Foxtel now and Binge which are both streaming services powered by the internet. However, these two are of different discussions. 

Netflix vs. Foxtel: Subscription, Prices, and Features

The two not only differ with how they broadcast their contents but also with their subscription plans. One important thing to be considered in choosing a streaming service is the cost you are willing to pay. Of course, we would like to maximize each of the bucks we paid for the service.  Let us first take a look at how Netflix lay out its plans for its customers. 

There are three available tier of subscription plans offered by Netflix: the basic plan, the standard plan, and the premium plan. Each of which has varying features. The basic plan allows a single device to stream in the Standard Definition of video quality for $9.99. Netflix’s standard plan costs $13.99 and would enable subscribers to a High Definition video quality with two devices simultaneously casting contents. On top we have the premium which allows 4 users to simultaneously use the account. 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) is also enabled in this plan which will surely heighten the watching experience. 

Netflix has no lock-in contract which means you can cancel your subscription any time you would like. However, the free trial service of Netflix Australia has been canned since last March 2020 so you won’t be able to skim and test it first before paying for your watch.

Foxtel, on the other hand, has a basic subscription fee of $69 dollars which includes over 50 channels containing dramas, HBO originals, and Foxtel’s new originals. For $74, you can opt to subscribe to a Sports HD+Foxtel plus which offers the best sports leagues coverage, interviews and streams. You can also choose Movie HD+Foxtel plus which provides a number of movies and films varying with different genres for $69. The platinum plus is the mother of all the Foxtel subscription which contains all of the other subscriptions’ contents. A multicasting room plus  12 HD favorite channels will also be available in this plan. You can have this plan for $139 per month. However, it should be taken note that these plans are for the no lock-in contracts. Discounts will be available for annual subscription which would definitely save a couple of bucks for you. 

Netflix vs. Foxtel: Contents

We can’t purely and objectively evaluate which among the two has the best contents since people have different tastes for movies and titles. Nonetheless, we will still try to compare them through the numbers of their contents. 

As of 2020, Netflix’s library contains  3,500+ available movie titles and 1,800+ TV shows that are offered to its active subscribers. These numbers contain established TV shows and Netflix originals with some hitting blockbuster. Some of the infamous Netflix originals we have are To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before andLucifer. Netflix has also secured rights with international titles that have made a loud clamour around the world which includes the famous heist of all time--La Casa De Papel. 

Foxtel on the other hand offers  a vast array of premium channels which telecast different contents ranging from sports, news, and TV programs. Features like Kid’s channel and Family entertainment are also made available in Foxtel making it a channel for everyone. Thousands of hours of movies on-demand are also premiered on Foxtel. Moreover, this could also be the haven for the sports lovers since it managed to secure the rights for several major sports leagues including NBA, NFL, NRL, AFL, Rugby, F1, Cricket, Supercars, UFC and Football. 

Netflix vs. Foxtel: Which should I choose?

Both streaming providers have flexible bundles and subscription plans offered to their customers. For sure, your choice will depend upon your content consumption and willingness to dish out money. Your preferable mode of modality will also be a factor in choosing the right service provider for you. While Foxtel TV provides a stable connection with its cable or satellite mode options, Netflix on the other hand offers an on-the-go internet enabled mode. Nevertheless, a secured NBN connection or broadband plan is a must for a satisfying movie marathon. You may contact Compare Broadband to set up your internet network. 

Moreover, if you are looking for HD movie streaming and you want to focus on watching movies, Netflix will surely be a hit for you. Nonetheless, since Foxtel is a Pay TV provider that offers a wide range of contents including movies, TV shows, and sports coverage, it could be your watch-mate if you are likely to watch a variety of contents from time to time. Conclusion, you can never go wrong with these two streaming service providers.