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RedTrain is a private fibre connection network for those who need high-speed, reliable internet access as an alternative to the NBN.

Compare Broadband compares plans from the above providers and can connect you with our participating providers. Not all plans available from these providers are compared by Compare Broadband and depending on your location or service availability not all plans may be available to all customers.

Redtrain internet can be confusing for people looking to connect to it. In simple terms, it is a private fibre network like the NBN or Opticomm. They basically provide the infrastructure to facilitate the connection of your broadband with an internet service provider. If you’re home or business is in an area that operates on the Redtrain network, Compare Broadband can get you connected to the right plan. The great news is that internet plans on the Redtrain network give you a FTTP (fibre to the premises) connection which will be super fast.

Last updated 20/02/2024
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Broadband + Home Phone
280 Mbps Typical Evening Speed
Month to month
for first 6 months, then $124 ongoing
Min total cost $110
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Broadband Only
245 Mbps Typical Evening Speed
Month to month
Min total cost $119
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Aussie Broadband broadband provider logo
Broadband Only
600 Mbps Typical Evening Speed
Month to month
Min total cost $129
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Redtrain Networks

The Redtrain Network is a superfast broadband fixed-line wholesale fibre operator that utilises a network of telecommunications exchanges to service the expanding housing footprint of Australia. Not only can it power ultrafast broadband, TV services, and public Wi-Fi networks, but also other smart applications as well as the Internet of Things (IoT).

Redtrain is dedicated to providing cutting-edge telecommunications infrastructure that meets future needs—both for new property developments and existing communities seeking a technology upgrade. Their advanced infrastructure and customisable deployment techniques allow them to work with property developers, builders, and other stakeholders to create superior internet connections for the new communities they are creating.

By connecting directly to the fibre infrastructure of Redtrain, you can access internet speeds up to 100Mbps consistently. Whether you’re a single user or an entire office block, Redtrain’s superior fibre optic cable connections and range of plans are designed to meet your needs. Get in touch today to learn more about our Redtrain plans and providers, and find out how we can help you get connected!


Redtrain VS NBN

A Redtrain connection to the customer's premises is similar to an NBN FTTP (Fibre to the Premises). It uses the same access technology as the NBN. The only real difference between the two networks is the equipment. Redtrain uses equipment deployed through the Fibre Distribution Network (FDN) and manages the live system.

Redtrain Fibre is a superior alternative to most NBN connections since its delivery method does not rely on decades-old infrastructure. Unlike NBN Co's strategy, which uses legacy copper wires and sometimes even coaxial cables (known as Hybrid Fibre Coaxial or HFC) to make up for their FTTP national rollout shortcomings, Redtrain utilises cutting-edge technology that ensures more reliable speed and performance.

Compared to Redtrain's FTTP technology, the maximum NBN speed capabilities for uploads and downloads are significantly limited by traditional access technologies due to their inability to transmit signals faster than an optic fibre.

Redtrain's Integrated Communications Network (ICN) also offers an impressive selection of services, ranging from Free-to Air (FTA) and Foxtel. However, despite its advantages, the availability of Redtrain FTTP is limited to certain areas compared to NBN, which has been mandated by the government for 90% of Australian households.

At the end of the day, whether you are on the NBN™ network or Redtrain’s, you’re stuck with whatever network services your address. There are m,nay peop, that would move home just to change their network provider. Although my Gen Z kids would push hard for it! 


Redtrain vs NBN Compared

Redtrain Plans NBN Plans
  • Private Fibre Connection
  • Faster Actual Speeds
  • Less Congestion on the Network
  • Pricing is a bit higher
  • Fewer broadband providers are available
  • Government Owned
  • Available Nationwide
  • Overall cheaper internet plan prices
  • Slower typical evening speeds
  • Connection types dramatically influence and determine your internet speed



Which is the Best Redtrain Retail Service Provider?

If you're on the hunt for a new internet plan, there are several broadband providers that offer services through Redtrain. Some provide their internet plans throughout Australia while others may be limited and only operate in certain states.

To find the best internet provider, you can use our search engine tool. At Compare Broadband, we make it easy to find the most suitable internet plan for you. You can select from great-value plans with unlimited data, free national calls or unlimited calls, or go full throttle with the fastest connection speeds out there - all in one place! Just enter your address and let us take care of the rest.

There are various internet providers across Australia offering internet plans on the Redtrain network, while we don’t work with all of them, we can provide free broadband advice to get you connected to the right plan. Here’s a list of Redtrain providers:

  • Aftel
  • Airtel
  • Ascensa
  • Clear
  • Commander
  • Exetel
  • Fuzenet
  • iiNet
  • iPrimus
  • Launtel
  • Leaptel
  • EZInternet
  • RSPMe
  • World Dial Point

Whether you’re looking for a great value plan, the fastest connection speed or the best customer service support - Compare Broadband can help you compare your options. Not the online type? Call our hotline today, and we'll have one of our broadband experts help you out.


Redtrain Typical Evening Speed

Redtrain FTTP can offer speeds ranging from 25mbps to 1000mbps (1gigabit) through an FTTH location. The cost and availability of products depend on the retail service provider.


Redtrain FTTP Speed Tiers

Speed Tiers Good for

25/5 Mbps speed tier

2-3 internet users

50/20 Mbps speed tier

2-4 internet users

100/40 Mbps speed tier

4-5 internet users

250/50 Mbps speed tier

5+ internet users

250/100 Mbps speed tier

5+ internet users


Redtrain Coverage

Redtrain's private fibre network is just like Opticomm or Spirit, and it currently serves selected new estate developments in New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria (VIC). To take advantage of Redtrain plans, you can opt for an internet service provider such as Exetel, iiNet or iPrimus. Implementation of Redtrain FTTP is also available for eligible homes and businesses. If your property is covered by the network, we can help you get connected to a provider.


What is the availability and coverage for Redtrain?

Redtrain is available throughout certain areas in New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria (VIC). You can check if your property is eligible by entering your address on Compare Broadband’s service qualification tool.

What connection speeds can I get with Redtrain?

Redtrain FTTP can offer speeds ranging from 25mbps to 1000mbps (1 gigabit) through an FTTH location. The cost and availability of products depend on the retail service provider.

Is Redtrain suitable for every household size?

Yes. Depending on your household size and how many internet users there are, you can find an appropriate speed tier. Generally, the higher the speed tier, the more devices can be connected to your network simultaneously.

How do I find out my internet speeds?

You can check your connection speed by running a broadband speed test online. It’s free, fast and easy to use!

What customer service support is available for Redtrain?

If you’re already connected to the Redtrain network, your internet provider will offer customer support.

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The government is making 1.5 million Australian homes and businesses eligible for a speed upgrade to FTTP (Fibre to the Premises), which offers greater speed and reliability. Selected towns and suburbs with FTTC and FTTN are eligible for the upgrade with an eligible high speed nbn plan.

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