• Define your expectations from your broadband provider
  • Compare internet plans
  • Data caps

Internet connection is a must in establishments and households nowadays. Staying connected is not enough. Getting the right speed, download allowances, a desirable contract length, flexibility in service, and affordable cost defines the best broadband suited for your needs. How to get cheap broadband, while enjoying the quality service you need and deserve as a consumer creates a big difference in which internet providers can trust to provide you with their service.


Internet service providers play a significant role in our lives, especially nowadays, when most workforces shift to remote work. Without a reliable internet service to rely on, switching providers can be risky, time-consuming, and may give a dent of your budget. How do you find cheap broadband without compromising the quality of service you get from these providers? Compare Broadband shares some tips and advice.

Define your expectations from your broadband provider

There are plenty of internet service providers in Australia. To get the best service out there, you will have to determine your definition of an excellent, reliable internet service on a budget comfortable to you. 

You should include the factors in your expectations as a consumer including speed, easy setup, customer service and technical support, reliable, consistent connection, bill transparency, and overall satisfaction.

If you fail to see one or a couple of these factors in your current service provider, you might want to consider a switch. However, if it is your first time to avail of internet service, it would be best to weigh your options before deciding which internet service provider to avail.

Compare internet plans

The Internet in Australia is evolving and changing for the better thanks to the National Broadband Network (NBN) rollout. Better internet service, availed through the popular internet service providers in Australia, can be overwhelming due to the number of choices available for you. 

Among the popular ISPs that dominate the Australian market include Telstra, iiNet, Optus, Dodo, iPrimus, and TPG, to name a few. You can start with these brand names to create your initial list of top options for your internet service provider. From here, you can measure your expectations versus the internet provider on your list. You can check testimonials and reviews from actual users of the service online.

Check social media accounts, websites, and personal experiences of your colleagues with a particular internet service provider you have in mind. It is one of the essential steps on how to get cheap broadband without compromising high-quality service.

But if you don’t want to waste your precious time, Compare Broadband has made the process so much easier for you. Visit our Cheap NBN Plans page to find the most affordable NBN deals in Australia. You may also check out the best NBN Broadband Plans here. Torn between amazing internet plans and can’t decide? Contact us at 1800 061 200 and we will be more than happy to help you.

Data caps

Unlimited data plans are the most popular choice for broadband users. However, there are restrictions in speed and fair use clauses attached to such features in internet service providers. Before signing a contract under an unlimited data cap plan, ensure that you read the fine print included in your contract clauses. 

Unlimited data plans can be expensive. If you see yourself not fully utilizing your monthly data cap, you might want to consider getting a lower data cap allowance, with better speed and cheaper monthly fees.

Do you need a change in providers?

Switching internet providers may not always be your best course of action to get cheaper or better broadband suited to your needs. Most broadband switches are mostly due to connection speed issues and better data allowance. However, connection reliability is the top reason why most consumers change internet providers.

Before jumping into another internet service provider, you might want to access what your current provider offers and lacks. You might be surprised at the potential savings you could have enjoyed if you only paid attention to what your current broadband provider provides.

Instead of a switch, a downgrade or an upgrade can be the best move to improve the current service that you have while enjoying the value for its cost. Check if you are using considerably less data versus the current data caps that you have. A downgrade might give you a faster and less expensive monthly internet bill. Meanwhile, an upgrade may be more economical if disconnection fees are included in your exit contract to the current provider that you have.

Find time to read your internet service contract. Go through your ISP's website and see deals and plans favourable to your end before making that switch.

Tips on switching between providers

If you decide to jump and do the switch, you should have an ISP already in mind after comparing the available services. inquire for no-contract options with limited or, if possible, no sign-up fees on your next provider. Ensure that when you do switch, you are not tied up with a new set of restrictions and clauses that may prevent you from making the same move in the future, if unfortunately needed.

Although popularity-wise, it may seem appealing to switch to the more prominent ISP company. However, if savings is your priority, you might want to consider a smaller provider, given the fact that they can provide the quality of service and reliability that you need from your broadband contractor. 

Finding the time to understand what your next provider offers, versus the current one that you have - including the good and the bad sides of their service, is essential before finally deciding to make that switch.

Bottom Line

Reliable connection, connection speed, value for money, and overall satisfaction constitutes what the best internet service provider is, for you. Every consumer has different expectations from their ISPs. Clearly define and understand your expectations before comparing your options. The more time you invest in comparing which provider suits your budget and your needs helps you save time, effort, and resources that are bound to be wasted if you fail to choose wisely.

Remember that choosing broadband for your home or establishment is a relationship that you would want to keep for a long time. Relationships do not work out if one fails to provide the expectations of the other. Switching partners requires effort, time to think, and resources. Save yourself from having to go through comparing and choosing once again by picking the right one, hopefully during the first time. If not, there is always room for new partnerships, with an internet service provider, built and sustained according to your needs.

To help you with choosing the perfect provider and home broadband that suits your needs without breaking your budget, you can use our Compare Broadband Plans tool for free at our homepage. Or call us directly at 1800 061 200 so we can assist you right away!