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Kogan is known as one of Australia's premier shopping destinations owned by serial entrepreneur Ruslan Kogan. Its website, Kogan.com, features an extensive portfolio of retail and business services including Kogan Mobile, Kogan Marketplace, Kogan Health, Kogan Insurance, Kogan Travel, and Kogan Internet to name a few.  it currently has over 8 million subscribers in Australia. It is operated by the owner of Kogan Mobile and Kogan Internet, a telecommunication company that has been collaborating with NBN since April 2018. 

Just like the rest of the telcos in the country, Kogan Internet is powered by NBN Co Limited and one of the grooving NBN internet service providers in Australia. Kogan Internet is currently supplied by Vodafone as part of Kogan’s extended partnership with the internet service provider. 


This guide shares everything you need to know about Kogan Internet, including its speed tiers, Kogan NBN broadband plans, and perks you won’t find anywhere else.  Read on.

Kogan NBN Plans

Kogan.com is one of the popular places where Aussies can check out the best deals for retail, services and anything in between. Among these services include NBN Plans under Kogan Internet, the official internet service provider under the group of companies of Kogan.com.

Kogan NBN plans are among the best choices for customers looking for good deals and contract-free internet connectivity services. Interestingly, Kogan NBN plans offer unlimited data in all its service packages, with speed as the only defining difference among the three currently available plans.

Kogan NBN Plan Speed Tiers

  • NBN 25 is best for small households with a maximum of two mobile devices.
  • NBN 50 is the best plan advised for medium households or up to four internet devices.
  • NBN 100 is best suited for large homes with more than five internet devices and for homes that regularly upload and download large files.
  • NBN 250 is for large homes with multiple 4K streams happening simultaneously
  • NBN 1000 is for anyone that refuses to accept slow speeds, or home businesses 

Why Choose Kogan?

Kogan currently practices its Kogan Internet Price Pledge that guarantees double your money back guarantee to subscribers if they find the same Kogan NBN plan they currently have from any approved major provider. This simply means that Kogan provides the best possible rates they can for their clients under the Kogan NBN Plan service.

Kogan Internet is one of the preferred internet service providers in Australia because of its easy to setup modems, services and auto renewal process. Simply order, set up and you're good to go with your NBN powered connection. Kogan also offers no lock-in contracts, with regular monthly billings for its month to month internet service plans.

Kogan internet subscribers can also opt to use their preferred compatible modem without an extra cost. Kogan's Internet Modem is currently available at a one-time payment of $69. If you have an existing modem that works with NBN in your home, you can use this modem instead and save $69 in the process.

Kogan Internet also features a unique Frequent Flyer program that allows subscribers to accumulate 1 Qantas Point for every $2 with Kogan Internet. Subscribers will just have to add and link their Qantas Frequent Flyer account to avail the promo.

Complete List of Kogan Broadband Plans 

  • Bronze Unlimited

Kogan's NBN Bronze Unlimited Plan is available with no contract term at $57.90/month for the first six months with zero activation fee. It comes with up to 20Mbps typical evening speed with unlimited data. The plan is currently protected with Kogan's Internet Price Pledge. If subscribers find the same NBN plan from any major provider, Kogan will give back your monthly fee, with double the difference.

  • Silver Unlimited

Offering a speed of up to 40Mbps with unlimited data is Kogan's NBN Silver Unlimited Plan. Available at $63.90/month for the first six months and $71.90/month after the first six months, it also requires no activation fee and is protected by Kogan's Internet Price Pledge.

  • Gold Unlimited

Enjoy fast internet service of up to 80Mbps with unlimited data, for only $88.90/month, with no contract term and 0$ activation fee. Special limited discounts are available for the first six months of subscription at $78.90/month.

  • NBN250 Platinum Unlimited

For superfast internet connectivity for work and for play, you can check out Kogan's NBN250 Platinum Unlimited that starts at $116.90/month. Month to month billing payments are lighter on the budget and allow you to leave anytime you want, without any commitments. It requires zero activation fee and earns subscribers 1 Qantas Point for every $2 with Kogan Internet. The plan features no cap unlimited data with up to 200Mbps evening speed for FTTP and HFC.

  • NBN1000 Diamond Unlimited

Ultrafast internet service at 250Mbps typical evening speed can be enjoyed starting at $134.90/month with Kogan's NBN1000 Diamond Unlimited. It comes with unlimited data with zero activation fee required. The plan is also covered by the Kogan Internet Price Pledge, ensuring you that you are getting the best deals available for your internet service provider in the market.

Kogan's no contract NBN plan feature is one of the best selling points of the service.  It allows subscribers to easily jump ship should they see Kogan's services as unfit and incompatible to their needs. Subscribers who find better offers from other major internet service providers can also end their Kogan Internet service immediately, without having to worry about additional fees or early termination charges.

However, there are a few clauses included when using Kogan's Internet service. Kogan approves major providers such as Optus, Telstra, TPG, Dodo, iiNet, iPrimus, and Internode. If you would like to redeem the discount for a cheaper plan, through the Kogan Internet Price Pledge, you will have to find a contract similar to the current one you have with Kogan from one of these major players. 

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You are required to be a Kogan NBN subscriber to be able to qualify and claim the discount. Discounts are also applicable for three months and cannot be availed through multiple redemptions.

Whether you choose Kogan or any other name tied up with NBN, it is ideal to secure a NBN powered internet service to ensure that you are getting the best and the fastest internet service available in the Australian market.

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