• What Do The Lights On The NBN Box Mean?
  • What Does The Red Light Mean?
  • What Do The Blinking Lights Mean?

The flickering lights of the Internet modem you have are a thing of curiosity, but these are more than decorations or lights to tell you where the device is should you need to troubleshoot or turn it off.

These box lights on your NBN device have their indications. They tell you the status of the connection, or whether there is limited connectivity.

Have you been able to talk to the customer support at one moment your connection was cut, perhaps due to inclement weather? They will usually tell you to take a look at these lights. By then on, you have known how to read these lights.

But what about for your NBN box? Here’s an overview of what these lights mean.

Power Light

When the Blue light is on, it indicates that power runs in the device. This is normal and should not bother you. Head over to your smartphones, TV sets, consoles, or computers to continue on.

Connection Light

These are the colours of your connection light: 

  • No colour / turned off
  • Blue blinking
  • Solid blue 
  • Solid red blinking
  • Alternating red and blue

No light means that the device is turned off and when it is turned on, but the light is not showing any colour, check your cables to troubleshoot. If nothing happens, connect with the provider’s customer support team.

The blue blinking light means that the device is loading to start. The setup is usually for 20 minutes. However, others are beginning to use their devices with the connection even before this ends. While it is alright, the safest way is to wait for the setup to finish. It will turn into stable blue light.

Furthermore, the blue light should indicate that the device is working.

If you see a solid red light and blinking, you must know there is something wrong with your NBN box. Immediately contact your phone or Internet service provider. They may tackle how to troubleshoot over the phone, or request for a site visit.

When the light alternates from blue to red, and circulating between, there seems to be a line fault. What you can do is to disconnect all devices non-compatible with the NBN box from the phone wall sockets. If the flickering light alternates from blue to red and vice-versa continues, call the support team of your service provider.

DSL Light

The DSL light may also have the following colours:

  • No colour
  • Solid blue
  • Blue blinking

The device is turned off or the DSL connection is not working if it shows no colour or flickering at all. The solid blue light indicates synchronization and is normal.

The blinking blue light indicates that the synchronisation is in process. After a while, it will turn to solid blue.

Local Area Network (LAN) Light

The blue or amber solid or blinking light of the local area network may indicate normal data flow between the nbn connection box and the wireless Internet gateway. Should you notice no light flickering or solid light, check the cables or contact customer support.

Important reminders

There are boxes and devices that have the green colour, instead of the blue one. Each node, whether this is FTTP or FTTC, will have different light colours. However, the indicators and their meanings remain the same. It is important to speak with the sales representative to clarify on the light colours of the device you are using.


Learning more about nbnTM network box’s lights will arm you with the necessary troubleshooting steps you need so you can maximize usage while waiting for the repair team to visit your site.

Experiencing downtimes with your broadband Internet connection is normal especially with the constantly changing weather patterns. Take heed of these guidelines, and get yourself more familiar with these.