• The Basics On NBN Internet Speed
  • How do you know if what others are using will meet your specific and unique needs as well?
  • Comparison of NBN Providers

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It is no surprise that there are a seemingly endless number of providers and plans when it comes to the NBN today. With so much out there to suss out, you may be scratching your head in your attempts to choose the best NBN plan for yourself. Your friends may have signed up to a certain provider or variety of NBN plans, but how do you know if what others are using will meet your specific and unique needs as well? We are here to help you out with that, so keep on reading our top list of the various NBN plans compared! 

The Basics On NBN Internet Speed

Before we dive right into the various plans that providers such as Belong, TPG, Mate and Optus provide, we’ll need to have a basic understanding of the various internet speeds that the NBN has made available to us in Australia today. There are 4 main varieties of NBN speeds on offer today - NBN 12-Tier 1 (with 12/1 Mbps download and upload speeds respectively), NBN 25-Tier 2 (with 25/5 Mbps download and upload speeds respectively), NBN 50-Tier 3 (with 50/20 Mbps download and upload speeds respectively) and finally NBN 100-Tier 4 (with 100 and 40 Mbps download/upload speeds respectively).

Based off your needs or your family’s needs, the amount of streaming data you use and the number of people in your household, you can then assess which NBN internet speed is most suited to your needs. Obviously, the less you use/stream data on the internet, the lower your needs will be, and vice versa. 

Using our free tool and answering a few simple questions we can assist you with figuring out the needs of your household. Click here to begin.


Most of us have heard of Belong these days - it is an ISP that is becoming more and more popular amongst internet users in Australia now. Belong Broadband gives customers the choice of a month to month service (great for those who move often) or year-long contracts, with the latter available at a discounted rate.

Belong’s broadband plans range between 100GB or unlimited data. Tier 1 broadband speeds will set you off at $50 per month on a contract, or $55 if you go month to month. For unlimited data at Tier 1, you will be looking at forking out an affordable $65 or $70. After this, you have the ability to upgrade your Belong Broadband plans to Tier 2 or Tier 5 speeds for an additional $10 or $30 respectively.

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MATE Communicate 

What a fantastic name for a company, eh? Mate Communicate prides itself on its unlimited data plans that come at differing price points - whatever your budget, there is an unlimited plan out there for you. At a friendly $59 a month, Mate Communicate offers unlimited data at 12Mbps. Following suit, speed increases to 25Mbps for $69, 50Mbps for $89 and finally 100Mbps at $99 which will provide you with the fastest download speeds of the lot.

All of Mate Communicate’s plans come with no lock-in contracts - another plus point for those who don’t want to commit to a long-term contract. There are no costs incurred for activation fees either, although will need to purchase your modem.

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TPG’s standard plans all come equipped with maximum download speeds of 12Mbps, and their cheapest deal which comes with just 10GB of data costs $29.99 per month. An upgrade to this plan would be to purchase 1000GB of data for $49.99

TPG also offers three other unlimited plans - NBN Fibre Basic Liimitless, NBN Fibre Boost Liimitless and NBN Fixed Wireless Boost Liimitless, that will set you back $59.99, $69.99 and $79.99 per month respectively. Additionally, TPG offers Boost and Superfast plans for tech wizards who really want some powerful download and upload speeds. Whether you choose a Standard, Boost or Superfast plan, all plans are available with no lock-in contracts, or as part of an 18 month deal.

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Optus is of course, one of the most popular Telco and ISP providers in Australia. Optus has recently revamped their broadband options, to provide users with a more streamlined approach that allows them to easily navigate their options and choose an NBN bundle that suits them the best.

Optus’ NBN plans starts off with their My Basics bundle, which boasts a basic maximum download speed of 12Mbps which will set you back $80 a month. If you add on an additional $10 to your budget, you can have the choice to upgrade to 25Mbps, and an extra $20 will get you up to 50Mbps speeds.

Really want to go all out? Add on $30 to the My Basic bundle and you’ll be rewarded with ultimate NBN speeds of 100Mbps. Aside from fantastic and fast broadband, this plan comes with a bonus of unlimited standard local calls to landlines.



We hope that after reading this handy article, you’re more aware of exactly what NBN plans will suit your needs the best, whether it is based on your usage, download speed needs or simply on a certain budget. Don’t hesitate to shout out and give us a call on 1300 664 902 if you have anymore questions on which NBN plan is the best for you!


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