• With the pickup in momentum with the NBN rollout, you may be wondering which internet plan may be best suited to you
  • It can sometimes be a little confusing when trying to figure out which one will suit you best
  • NBN Plans come in four different tiers.

What NBN Plan Should I Get


If you have moved into a new home or are simply looking to upgrade your internet plan, this article is definitely for you. With the pickup in momentum with the NBN rollout, you may be wondering which internet plan may be best suited to you and household’s needs. With a multiple number of NBN plans out there, it can sometimes be a little confusing when trying to figure out which one will suit you best; thus we have segmented this article into four handy sections for you: NBN Tier 1, NBN Tier 2, NBN Tier 3, and NBN Tier 4. Read on to find out which of these NBN plans will be the best for you.

1. NBN Tier 1

NBN Tier 1 is more often than not the basic internet connection that anyone would sign up for. NBN Tier 1 provides you with roughly the equivalent of the average speeds you’ll be getting on ADSL2+. If you aren’t a tech-geek or too fussy about your internet connection, a NBN Tier 1 connection will provide you with ample data that will be enough for your standard day to day usage such as checking emails and performing basic work-related tasks. NBN Tier 1, whilst nothing to write home about, is still more than fast enough for streaming high-definition videos and music through platforms such as likes of Netflix, Stan, YouTube, or Spotify.  Do take into consideration, however, that this internet plan may get stretched a little too thin in a multi-person household, especially so if everyone is streaming videos on Netflix, Facebook and Youtube at the same time of the day. If you are a household of multiple people that really enjoy binge-watching on television shows or YouTube videos, this may not be the plan for you.

2. NBN Tier 2

NBN Tier 2 is the next step up from the basic NBN Tier 1 plan. This is the plan that you would want for streaming 4K quality videos on Netflix as 25mbps is what Netflix recommends for its 4k service. NBN Tier 2 is an ideal plan for most home applications.

3. NBN Tier 3 

NBN Tier 3 is the plan that would best be suited to a home with multiple and constantly connected users at once. 50Mbps speed ensures that you are equipped with enough bandwidth to ensure that no one is missing out on their favourite online activities, whether that may be streaming movies and/or music, Xbox/Playstation gaming or video calling with your overseas friends and family.

4. NBN Tier 4

NBN Tier 4 is the fastest connection speed that you can get with the NBN today. It is the fastest connection that money can buy and is a huge step up from ADSL2+. NBN Tier 4 is the best plan for those who are downloading or uploading large files, whether that may be music or photos, on a frequent basis. This plan is best suited to you if you are a videographer or a Video Blogger who works with video on a daily basis, or if you are a gamer who purchases and downloads your games through digital storefronts such as PSN or Xbox Store. NBN Tier 4 speeds are also absolutely fantastic if you want to keep regular offsite back-ups through services such through platforms such as OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud, or Google Drive.


Always take note that all mentioned or advertised internet speeds are not always guaranteed - they are indicative of the maximum speed it's possible to get on your plan. More often than not, a reason for lower than advertised internet speed is due to congestion. Do you notice that your internet speed slows down at a certain time every evening? This could be due to everyone streaming the latest episode of The Walking Dead at the same time.


If you would like to know more about the different NBN plans available to you or would like to compare them side by side, don’t forget to head over to our NBN broadband plans page, where you can find out what plan is best for you with our handy little questionnaire. Do not hesitate to contact us should you need more information or any help on choosing the best NBN plan for your household. 


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