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Compare Broadband compares plans from the above providers and can connect you with our participating providers. Not all plans available from these providers are compared by Compare Broadband and depending on your location or service availability not all plans may be available to all customers.

Looking for a little more freedom with your home internet plans? Then you may wish to consider a No Contract NBN Plan. The great thing about a No Contract NBN Plan is that it offers you all the same speed and data as a contract plan, but if you’re not happy with it, you have the flexibility to change to a different plan or a different internet service provider, without having to worry about copping a cancellation fee.

Optus broadband provider logo
Broadband Only
Unlimited Data
50 Mbps Typical Evening Speed
Month to month
For first 6 months, then $99.00 ongoing
Min total cost $557
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Tangerine Telecom broadband provider logo
Broadband Only
205 Mbps Typical Evening Speed
Month to month
for first 6 months, then $109.90 ongoing
Min total cost $89.90
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Uniti Wireless broadband provider logo
Broadband Only
78 Mbps Typical Evening Speed
Month to month
Min total cost $188.95
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Aussie Broadband broadband provider logo
Broadband Only
97 Mbps Typical Evening Speed
Month to month
Min total cost $90
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Harbour ISP broadband provider logo
Broadband Only
240 GB
24 Mbps Typical Evening Speed
Month to month
100 GB On-Peak / 140 GB Off-Peak
Min total cost $94
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TPG broadband provider logo
Broadband Only
Unlimited Data
200 Mbps Estimated Typical Evening Speed
Month to month
$94.99 for first 6 months, then $124.99 ongoing
Min total cost $94.99
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Aussie Broadband broadband provider logo
Broadband Only
97 Mbps Typical Evening Speed
Month to month
Min total cost $95
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Aussie Broadband broadband provider logo
Broadband Only
Unlimited Data
97 Mbps Typical Evening Speed
Month to month
Min total cost $99
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More Telecom broadband provider logo
Broadband Only
92 Mbps Typical Evening Speed
Month to month
Min total cost $99
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Superloop broadband provider logo
Broadband Only
240 Mbps Typical Evening Speed
Month to month
per per month for 6 months, then $119.95 ongoingfor 6 months, then $98.95 ongoing
Min total cost $99.95
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Compare Broadband cannot guarantee that all plans or providers shown will be available at your property address. Connection and plan availability will need to be confirmed by the internet service provider. Additional charges may apply for non-standard connections.

Get the flexibility you need with No Contract NBN™ Plans! No contract NBN™ plans let you change plans and providers without penalty fees. Also known as month-to-month (MTM) internet, this means your contract only lasts for as long as you need it. Great for renters or those who frequently relocate for work or business.

Finding the best value internet plans helps to compare a range of plans and NBN™ providers to see what is available and to find the best internet plan to suit your needs. At Compare Broadband, our broadband experts have analysed and collected information on the NBN™ pricing and deals from major internet providers so you can find the right internet plan that fits your budget and your online demands. 

All you need to do is to put your postcode in our comparison tool above, and we’ll show you available plans and deals in your area. Or call us! Our experts are always ready to help you.



No Contract NBN™ Plans

Not so long ago, consumers were required to stay with a network provider for 12 or 24 months (lock-in contract) before they could switch telcos. With NBN™’s rollout, contract-free plans give Aussies the flexibility they need to test out different providers until they are decided on which service they are satisfied with.

Having a no-contract NBN™ plan means you have the freedom to switch plans or providers if you feel like your current service does not meet your expectations or requirements. The downside is that it may cost you more. Compared to locked-in contracts, no-contract plans may require you to settle additional fees for setup, modem, or entertainment add-ons.


Popular No Contract NBN™ Plans

NBN Provider NBN Plan Speed Tier


Belong No contract nbn plans

NBN™ Unlimited Belong Standard Plus broadband plan on the NBN™


See Belong No Contract NBN Plans

 Dodo no contract nbn plan

NBN™ Standard Plus (NBN™50) Unlimited Dodo broadband plan


See Dodo No Contract NBN Plans

Uniti Wireless no contract nbn plan

NBN™ The 50 (NBN™50) Uniti Wireless NBN™ Broadband Plan


See Uniti Wireless No Contract NBN Plans

Aussie Broadband No contract NBN plans

NBN™ 100GB Build your own NBN™ Aussie Broadband plan - Standard Plus Speed


See Aussie Broadband No Contract NBN Plans

Optus No Contract NBN Plan

NBN™ Optus Internet Everyday NBN™ Bundle Plan


See Optus No Contract NBN Plans

See All NBN Plans Available in Your Area Here


To find the best value NBN™ plan, you want to look into your household size and how many devices need to connect. Households with one or two persons can benefit from a standard evening speed (25mbps), while those with four or more active users will need faster speed plans with unlimited data. 

Consider your family’s online activities as well. For example, suppose you have family members who are active gamers or working remotely who need to get on video conferences daily. In that case, you will need internet on a higher speed tier. To get an idea of how much speed or data you need, review your last internet bill. This should help you decide which plans and offers suit your home well.

If you’re concerned about speed and why you’re not getting what you’ve signed up for, you need to understand that several uncontrollable factors may affect your network’s performance. 

One of these is the technology available in your area. To cut costs, NBN™’s fibre to the basement (FTTB) and fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) still rely on copper wiring to deliver broadband internet to their home. To manage your expectations, you may need to look into the differences between these NBN™ technologies.


What is The Best NBN™ Provider with No Contract?

If you're looking to get no-contract NBN™ plans, always read the fine line. Review what’s not included in the costing, and check the minimum total cost, outlining how much you'll pay for the first month, including the service, set-up, and modem fee. 

Price is always the first factor most people consider when looking for an internet plan. But this shouldn’t be the only factor. While it’s very tempting to go with the cheapest plans, it’s not always the best value plan. Most of the lowest-priced plans offer the slowest internet speeds or have some sort of limitations.


What NBN™ Speed do I Need?

We all want the fastest internet connection. However, it isn’t always the most budget-friendly choice. You want to find the right balance between price and speed that will easily accommodate your family’s needs. Here’s a quick guide to different speed tiers NBN™ offers.


No Contract  NBN™ 12 Plans

If you are a light internet user and need to connect for basic activities, the NBN™ 12 plan may be a good choice for you. With a maximum download speed of 12Mbps, you can daily send emails and browse your social media feeds.  


No Contract NBN™ 25 Plans

Perfect for a small, budget-conscious household, an NBN™ 25 plan lets you surf the internet and stream music without interruptions. These plans come with a maximum download speed of 25Mbps. 


No Contract NBN™ 50 Plans

Are you working from home? An NBN™ 50 plan is the most affordable internet service you can get to set up a home office. With a maximum download speed of 50Mbps, you can do Zoom meetings and download files.  


No Contract NBN™ 100 Plans

Enjoy binge-watching the latest TV series and movies with your friends and family with an NBN™ 100 plan. There are so many things you can do together with its maximum download speed of 100Mbps. 


No Contract NBN™ 250 Plans

Superfast NBN™250 plans let you and your housemates stream your favourite TV series on different devices simultaneously. In addition, these plans come with a high-speed internet connection of a maximum download speed of 250Mbps. 


No Contract NBN™ 1000 Plans

The NBN™ 1000 plan offers an unparalleled level of broadband experience. Although not yet available to all premises, it is expected to cover 75% of Australian households by 2023.


Average Typical Evening Speed

Maximum Download Speed No. of Users


1-2 light internet users


1-2 moderate internet users


3-4 moderate to heavy internet users


4+ heavy internet users


Is there a No Contract NBN™ Unlimited Plan?

Having unlimited NBN™ plans will most certainly give you peace of mind rather than deal with data caps that keep you from enjoying your internet connection. Unlimited internet plans help you get the most out of your connection. But it does come with a price.

It shouldn’t be a problem to find a reliable ISP that offers unlimited NBN™ plans. However, choosing the best unlimited NBN™ plan can be intimidating, considering hundreds of plans and promos are available in the market. But, no worries, we’re here to help you. Here’s a quick guide to the most popular unlimited no contract NBN™ plans today!


Popular Unlimited No Contract Internet Plans

NBN Provider NBN Plans Speed Price


 Belong No Contract Unlimited NBN Plans

Belong Standard Plus NBN™ (NBN™50)



See Belong NBN Plans

 Dodo No contract NBN plan

Dodo NBN™ Standard Plus (NBN™50)



See Dodo No Contract NBN Plans

 uniti wireless nbn plans

Uniti Wireless NBN™ Standard Plus (NBN™50)



See Uniti Wireless No Contract NBN Plans

Optus No contract NBN plans

Optus Internet Everyday NBN™ Bundle Plan



See Optus No Contract NBN Plans

 Aussie Broadband No contract nbn plan

Aussie Broadband Everyday NBN™ Standard Plus 



See Aussie Broadband No Contract NBN Plans


Should I Choose a No Contract NBN™ Plan?

Yes. No Contract NBN™ plans are often better if you are planning to rent, move homes or looking for a more flexible way of accessing the high-speed internet NBN™ network has on offer.

No Contract NBN™ mean that you're not tied down with minimum 12-month commitments which can be very disruptive if you need to cancel and move your service. You're not tied down with a minimum contract term. If you just want to use No Contract plans for a short period of time, that's fine too - there is no minimum contract term involved.

Your NBN™ plan is not tied to a specific address as well. So if you need to move home or if you are renting, it's much easier to take your service with you because there is no early termination fee involved when cancelling your plan. You can just walk away from the plan hassle-free. 

No Contract NBN™ plans are also recommended for those who want to try out new Australia's high-speed internet connection before committing to 12 or 24-month contracts. If you are still on the ADSL+ and is just thinking about switching to NBN™, a month-to-month contract plan is the best way to find which NBN™ provider you want to stick with.

At Compare Broadband, we’ve reviewed and analysed hundreds of internet plans and deals from different internet providers, so you don’t have to. So, if you need help in finding the right contract-free broadband plan for your home or business, we’ve got you covered.


Should I get a No Contract NBN Plan?

As with any other kind of home broadband plan, the best option for someone else may not be the best option for you. But if you’re the kind of person who moves around a lot (like many renters), or your income fluctuates, or you like to try before you buy, or you simply like to keep an eye out for a better deal - then a No Contract Plan may be for you! Conversely, if you and your income aren’t moving around and you’ve already found a provider and plan that’s right for you, then you may find that it beneficial to sign to a contract plan, as internet service providers will often throw in extra perks for customers who sign to 12 or 24 month contracts.

Aren’t all NBN plans the same?

No, not at all! As opposed to popular misconception, there is not a standard NBN service. Rather, the NBN is a wholesale data network enterprise that distributes the NBN service out to internet service providers (usually referred to ISPs for short), and the providers then offer different NBN plans - that will range in data, cost and speed - to the public. With so many different plans and providers out there, it is not at all tricky to get saddled with a broadband deal that’s not quite right for you; which is exactly why No Contract plans are the favourable option for a lot of Australian home broadband users.

What are the advantages of No Contract NBN Plans?

The primary advantage of No Contract Plans is that flexibility to change plans and providers. It can be a bit of a process trying to find an NBN broadband plan that’s perfect for you; you have to factor in your location, how much data you need, what kind of NBN connection your home has, and which NBN speed tier is best for you. As such, you may not find your perfect NBN deal on the first try (though we are always happy to help you out with that!). With a No Contract plan, you have the freedom to change your plan and/or provider if the broadband deal that you’re on isn’t working out for you. Keep in mind that you can usually get out of a NBN contract plan if you need to, but you will almost always incur some sort of termination fee when you break the contract. But a month to month plan means no contract, no commitment, and no cancellation fee! No contract plans are especially beneficial to people who have just moved into a new place and don’t yet know what kind of internet service to expect in that location. So if you don’t want to lock yourself into a 12 month plan before you’ve tested the broadband waters, a No Contract NBN plan is likely the plan for you!

What are disadvantages of No Contract NBN Plans?

Unfortunately, the trade off for all that freedom is that No Contract set up fees are typically a bit more expensive than those of contract plans. To make up for a No Contract customer’s lack of contractual commitment, broadband providers will sometimes try to sneak in extra installation fees, activation fees, or sometimes even “casual plan fees”. While these are not constant across all No Contract plans, what is fairly standard is the higher cost of a new modem. One of the incentives broadband providers offer customers for signing to contract plans is their new modem at a reduced cost (indeed, sometimes they will even throw in a new modem for free). However, a new modem on a No Contract Plan can cost anywhere between $40 and $450. But do keep in mind that you may not need a new modem, sometimes the modem from an old NBN plan will work just as well. And when you’re comparing No Contract plans, it’s advised that you keep an eye out for the “minimum total cost” information that should be written on the plan page. This information will generally outline the price you’ll be expected to pay for the first month of the plan, including the service, set-up costs and modem costs, which will make it easier to compare the No Contract plan against other plans. Feel free to 1800 061 200 if you would like to consult one of our broadband experts on any of the above!

Is a No Contract NBN Plan better than a Contract NBN Plan?

Again, this is rather subjective, and will ultimately boil down to very personal factors such as your budget, your monthly internet usage, and which plans you are considering that cater to those factors. Many people, especially people who are renting, relish the freedom to switch plans and providers without complications. Alternatively, depending on your specific internet habits, and factoring in set up fees, you may just find that an NBN contract plan with a standard cancellation fee is ultimately cheaper than a No Contract plan in the long run.

Which internet service providers have No Contract NBN plans?

Pretty much all of them! No Contract NBN plans have become so popular with broadband customers that they are very much in the mainstream now, and as such, you will find many of the major Australian internet service providers will offer different No Contract NBN plans at competitive prices, which definitely widens up your options.

What is Telstra No Contract NBN Plans?

Telstra, Australia’s biggest and oldest telecommunications company, will offer No Contract NBN plans with unlimited data starting at $90, and they will even waive their $99 connection fee if you order your plan online. These plans also come with add-on options such as Foxtel Now and Telstra TV. Call 1300 710 263 to find out more.

What is Optus No Contract NBN Plans?

Optus is the country’s other obvious Telco titan, and they too are quite competitive when it comes to No Contract plan options. If you’re after an NBN 50 plan or an NBN 100 plan, Optus NBN No Contract Plans have some enticing offers that also come pay TV add-ons; chiefly the choice between an “Internet Entertainer” that comes with Optus Sport and a  Fetch TV Mighty. For an additional cost you can also opt for adeal that comes with an “Internet Everyday” plan that includes Optus Sport and a Fetch TV mini. To learn more, call 1300 790 125.

What is iiNet No Contract NBN Plans?

iiNet is another stalwart of the Australian telco scene, and have made a name for themselves as reliable broadband peddlers, due to their quality service and  24/7 technical support, which has earned them many accolades and industry awards. Of the many affordable deals that they offer, iiNet has plans for each NBN speed tier, with No Contract options available, with an option to include Fetch TV for an additional cost. To compare iiNet No Contract NBN plans, call 1300 782 306.

What is Aussie Broadband No Contract NBN Plans?

Aussie Broadband is a new kid on the block, comparatively, but is already a consistent crowd pleaser. Aussie Broadband boasts that it’s Australia’s leading broadband internet provider, and it may be difficult to argue that, given the company's glowing Product Review ratings which are based on their excellent service and customer support. Aussie Broadband offers No Contract plans across all four NBN speed tiers, and you can get unlimited data plans for as low as $69 a month for NBN 25 speeds. Call 1300 730 863 to compare Aussie Broadband No Contract NBN plans.

What is MyRepublic No Contract NBN Plans?

MyRepublic is another relative newcomer on the Australian broadband scene, yet was also one of the first internet service providers that was purpose-built to cater specifically to the NBN. MyRepublic pride themselves on being fast and dependable when it comes to streaming and online gaming (they even have a Gamer Pro Plan that is specifically for gamers), and their No Contract plans are competitively priced. For $59 a month, you can get an unlimited MyRepublic NBN plan with no lock in contract. To learn more, call 1300 403 127.

What is TPG No Contract NBN Plans?

If you’re after an NBN broadband provider that you can rely on, you will definitely want to consider TPG; especially as the ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) have repeatedly found that TPG has some of the fastest NBN speed in Australia. You can get a TPG NBN plan with unlimited data for $69.99 a month, but keep in mind that the No Contract option will charge you $99.99 more just for the installation fee. You can call 1300 731 193 to compare TPG No Contract NBN Plans.

What is Belong No Contract NBN Plans?

Belong like to keep things simple, as well as affordable. Rather than having to sift through a wide range of different options, when it comes to Belong, all you need to do is choose your NBN speed, and your contract length. Should you choose to opt for a Belong No Contract plan, they will charge you $60 for the modem as well as an extra $5 a month, but considering that they are one of the cheaper broadband providers going around, this may not be too much of a hike up in the scheme of things, and you might find their No Contract plan preferable in the long run. Call 1300 652 369 to learn more about Belong No Contract NBN plans.

How to Compare No Contract NBN Plans with Compare Broadband?

No matter what kind of broadband you’re looking at, it always pays to compare your options. And if you need more help compare No Contract NBN Plans, don’t be afraid to get in touch with us! Compare Broadband is a free internet service to all Australian homes, and we’re independently rated 5 stars by our customers with a Trust Pilot score of 4.8 out of 5 based on over 1,800 reviews. You can follow us on Facebook for broadband tips, and use our free online broadband search engine to narrow down the broadband plans and internet service providers that are optimal to your specific location, budget, and data requirements. And if you wish to speak to one of our internet experts directly, you can call 1300 106 571 for a free broadband consultation.

What are the benefits of No Contract NBN Plan?

There are several benefits to having a no-contract NBN plan, and which one is most important will depend on your priorities. These benefits include being able to shop around for the best deals for your household’s needs, being able to upgrade or downgrade as you need to, and avoiding cancellation fees. There are others, such as the ability to “flip the switch” or start and stop your service when you have to, and a no-contract plan making it easier to move, but the first three mentioned are the ones people seem most eager about.

Why get a No-Contract NBN Plan?

If you’re looking for more freedom to change your internet plan, or for your internet service to be a little more flexible, then a no-contract NBN plan is your best bet. Also called month-to-month plans, these no-contract plans last only as long as you need them, making them the perfect fit for people who relocate frequently or else for those who rent a room or apartment.

Besides making it easy for users to move, month-to-month internet plans make it easy for homeowners to switch to a different plan or a completely different provider without having to pay a fee for early contract termination or something similar. It’s also helpful for those who aren’t sure what speed tier works best for them, since they can test each one without being locked into a contract for up to 2 years.

What are the cheapest NBN Plans with No Lock in Contract?

This is a little tricky to answer, because your idea of a cheap NBN plan may not be based only on the price. For many, it will be a combination of what you pay per month, the speed, and how much data you get each month.

TPG, for example, has a very good plan that costs $29.00 per month. This is good for casual internet users also looking for a home phone, since the plan comes bundled with a phone line. The speed, though, is only 12Mbps, and those who have this plan get 10GB of data each month.

If you’re looking for more data and a little more speed, Harbour ISP offers a month-to-month plan where you get 85GB of data for $40 per month. However, if you don’t want to have to worry about data caps, Tangerine offers at least two no-contract plans, both with unlimited data. The plan at the NBN25 speed tier costs $44.99 a month, while the one at the NBN50 speed tier costs $54.90 per month.

What are the Best Unlimited NBN Plans with No Contract?

For users who don’t want to think about data limits or data caps, the biggest factors in choosing a month-to-month plan would be the speed tier as well as the cost, including whether or not you want to bundle other services with your internet connection.

For example, MyRepublic has a plan in the NBN50 speed tier that costs $65 per month; this is a better deal compared to, say, Dodo’s internet plan at the NBN25 speed tier but costs the same. Telstra offers several services bundled together: internet service, phone, and Pay TV, for $80 per month; a similar plan at the NBN50 speed tier costs just $15 more. Then there’s Uniti, with a month-to-month plan at the NBN100 speed tier and unlimited data for $99.95 a month, which is a pretty good price for premium speeds.

Who should consider no contract NBN plans?

If you are a renter or your family moves homes from time to time because of work or business concerns, then you should consider no contract NBN plans. With these plans, you enjoy a little more freedom since you can change plans and/or ISPs anytime you wish if you’re no longer happy with your current one.

The best part, you are not required to pay any penalty or cancellation fee once you shift your plan and provider to another. In other words, your contract will only last for as long as you need it with this month-to-month (MTM) type of Internet plan. Ultimately, the contract-free plans afford Australians the flexibility to check out various service providers until they are able to find the ones they will be content with.

How Does No Contract NBN Work?

As soon as you decide to sign up for a no contract NBN plan, you get easy access to high-speed Internet but are faced with a set monthly payment. Initial costs in setting the plan up is also higher in order to cover the cost of router-modem and partly because these types of plans usually come in bundled deals. However, if you already have your own NBN compatible router or modem, the payment for this device might be waived by your ISP. Let them know if your device will work on their network.

Also called month-to-month (MTM) Internet, this contract-free scheme can be used until you need it but if not, just inform your provider. If you want to cancel your plan or change your provider for one reason or another, you are free to do so without being required to pay early termination charges.

Who is No Contract NBN Plans available to?

No Contract NBN Plans are available to individuals and families who often move from one place to another due to the demands of work or other reasons. Likewise, the contract-free plans are also fit for people who rent homes and/or commercial spaces and don’t have a permanent place of their own to stay for a longer time.

If you just moved into a new location, chances are you won’t have an idea what kind of Internet service is available therein. With a no contract plan, switching to different plans and providers is a lot easier. So, if you decide to transfer to a new residence, you won’t have a problem cancelling your contract-free plan or paying a cancellation fee.

How Does No Contract NBN compare to Other Types of Internet Service?

While no contract plans come with typically higher set-up fees, contract plans on the other hand, usually come with extra perks on top of a new modem with a reduced cost for those who sign up to a 12- or 24-months contract. If you’re considering a contract-free plan, dig deeper into what the “minimum total cost” info means. Things like payment for the first month plus the service, set-up and modem costs are factors to make the comparison with other types of Internet service much easier.

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