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Compare Broadband compares plans from the above providers. Not all plans available from these providers are compared by Compare Broadband and depending on your location or service availability not all plans may be available to all customers.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) often seek to entice new customers with special offers on their broadband plans. Free or discounted modems, discounts on plans, or extra data and calls may be available from broadband providers, call us to see what is available.

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Reduced set-up fees or modem discounts are often available if you are prepared to sign up to 12-month plans, or longer contracts. Bundling a home phone service and an internet plan from the same provider is another good way of receiving extra data, or a cheaper overall price.

Broadband providers also feature special deals periodically throughout the year. Consumers can often find half-price plans, free modems, or extra data just by shopping around and asking if there are any special offers when they call a provider. 

Keep your eye out because ISPs are always looking to get your business by advertising special deals.

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