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Before there was fibre-to-the-home, Point Cook in Victoria was known as a ‘black spot’ for broadband due to the pair-gain system many of the copper lines were on throughout the estate.

More recently, up to 1500 homes in Point Cook have been given access to the fibre optic network, which allows download speeds of up to 100mbps. This will not only allow residents to access superfast internet, but they will also have access to services such as digital free-to-air TV, Foxtel and home line services all through a fibre optic cable into the home.

Fibre optic broadband is available in the Alamanda Estate in Point Cook, installed by Telstra. Telstra has sent eligible residents a letter explaining fibre optic broadband in Point Cook and also tells residents how to connect to the fibre network.  

As of July this year, Telstra revealed that more than 300 residents in Point Cook had already exchanged their old copper lines for fast broadband over the fibre network. It is unclear how many more of the remaining 1200 residents had signed up with another ISP; however the high figure demonstrates a yearning among Point Cook residents for faster broadband. 

I’m in Point Cook and want to get a fibre plan – how long does the installation take?

If you already have the fibre cables running from the street over to your property, it will take up to three days to get the fibre broadband service connected. If the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) is already installed, it should only take up to one working day to get connected to a fibre plan.

What hardware do I need?

Firstly, you will need an Optical Network Terminal (ONT), which is also known as a Network Termination Unit (NTU). The fibre optic cable will be connected directly into the unit. A Power Supply Unit (PSU) will be installed from directly from your home into the NTU.

If you need to set up more than one PC in your home, or if you require a wireless connection, you will also need a wireless router which has both WAN and LAN ports. Most standard ADSL modems will not be compatible with a fibre broadband service. If you are purchasing a fibre plan for a property in Point Cook, Internode, iPrimus and iiNet carry compatible wireless routers (Exetel may be offering compatible wireless routers in the near future).

ISPs offering fibre plans in Point Cook:

ISPs currently offering fibre plans in Point Cook include Internode, Exetel, iiNet and iPrimus.

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