• peak splits can getexpensive if you're not careful
  • Telstra, Internode and TPG all offer plans with no splits
  • Make sure you're not being charged for going over your limit

These days, more often than not, when you sign up for NBN or an ADSL2+ broadband internet plan, you can get unlimited data for quite an affordable price. 

That being said, there are still some very tempting plans out there where you can get huge download data limits for even lower prices but in fact, they operate within an on-peak/off-peak system and the actual number of gigabytes you can use in waking hours are not that initial figure you see. 

This is because the off-peak period often falls into the early hours of the morning when the majority of people are asleep.


Why on-peak and off-peak times?

If you can find a really good deal for an on-peak/off-peak data package, you can really save a few bucks by setting up your computer to download files (like movies and songs) with peer-to-peer file sharing services overnight via a timer. 

Alternatively, if you often do overnight shift work and will find yourself awake and able to use the data during off-peak hours, absolutely go for these plans. 

For the rest of us who are too lazy to set something up and aren’t awake in the middle of the night, this time period is pretty much obsolete in terms of data usage. 

This means internet providers can make it sound like they are offering a large amount of data, when in actuality only half of it available to be used when you are awake in the on-peak time period. This could result in either excess fees when you exceed your on-peak limit, or a massive decrease in speed as your connection is forcibly slowed down. 

Out of all our providers, TPG is the only one that offers on-peak/off-peak packages. On the lower end, you can get 50GB on ADSL2+ for $29.99/month on a 12 month contract. That data is split evenly between on-peak and off-peak times.

If you want a more significant amount of data, the TPG ADSL2+ 500GB plan on a 12 month contract is only $49.99/month

The off-peak period extends from 2.30-am to 8.30am EST and when you reach your data limit, you will be shaped down to a 1000kbps (1mbps) speed, which is not too bad.

So remember, when you are signing up for a plan ensure you know if the data is going to be limited by on-peak/off-peak time periods, when that is and how the data limit is split. 

Keep an eye on whether or not uploads are counted towards your limit, and what speed you’ll be slowed down to if you do reach your data limit (or, how much you’ll be charged for excess data usage as this can range from 50 cents per GB to 15 cents per megabyte ($150 per GB)!

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